2018 is going to be an amazing year for Volunteering


2018 is going to be our best year yet. We are mixing things up this year with new training, and we want some fresh new blood in the program!  APEX is only as good as the people who serve, and we want to all be our best.

We will be working hard to do regular updates here and on the  APEX Fetlife.com group with some key positions that need to be claimed in 2018! Did you know, some of these can even be done from home?!

Some things to get you started:

Volunteer Drive and Social

Every quarter in 2018 there will be a Volunteer Drive and Social
Learn about some of the things available, what needs doing this year, and how you can volunteer to help make APEX your own!

There will be snacks and drinks and lots of people to talk to!

Volunteer Orientation

Each month in 2018 there will also be a Volunteer Orientation

All of our Volunteers want to create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for our fellow members. We are merely limited by our understanding and knowledge of how to do that. APEX worked hard in 2017 to support our volunteers with additional training and opportunities to learn. We are doubling down in 2018 with even more tools to put into your toolbox, only this time is it for everyone who volunteers at APEX, not just DM and Door Volunteers, but EVERYONE. We all want to be the best we can be, and APEX can help!

Each Volunteer will be given the foundation to further explore your APEX community, learn about how you can be more a part of the club each day, every time you walk into our space. In Volunteer Orientation we will look at the mission, vision, and values of APEX, and how you can contribute. This class will help you be not only a successful volunteer, but also a successful member-where your role as a volunteer falls in that, and how to be happy and successful in your position. Volunteer Orientation will also provide you the tools and support available to you on your journey at APEX.

More Training Available to Volunteers in 2018

Volunteer Workshop
APEX has committed to successful volunteers in 2018.  The management team at APEX has spent several years creating a healthy and functional management culture, and we want to bring this exceptional environment to all APEX Volunteers.
You don’t need to be “prepared” to attend this workshop, you just need a willingness to be the best team and club we can be, and be present and participate.
This workshop does not include silly exercises and time-wasting games, it is real work. We will work on ourselves, on our ability to be part of a healthy and productive team in order to make APEX the greatest club it can be!
While we hope every APEX Volunteer will eventually attend these training, the first few will be invitation-only while we make sure we are delivering on our goals.

Management Communications: Coaching, counseling, having hard conversations with members (June, 2018)

Incident Management: What to do if something goes REALLY wrong. Previously only available to Door and DM Volunteers, this is a great way to truly understand how to respond to a variety of things, and what our processes look like.  (First class April, 2018)

APEX Structure and Policies: Why we are structured like we are, why policy exists, and why our club looks like it does.

While our structure and policies are available to members, there’s a difference between reading something in a vacuum and understanding it.  We will talk through why we are structured like we are, why some of those funny things exist, what is a legal requirement, and what is the up for us to decide. (May, 2018)


We hope everyone will participate this year in some small way. Many hands make light work and all that!

There are also NEW programs in 2018 that we are very excited about.

New Member Orientation Team
APEX is committed to providing lots of quality orientations in 2018. With that goal we created the New Member Orientation Team! An hour of our time creates successful new members, and helps each of us feel more responsible for our club.
### Remember your Kinky Bucket List!
As we start the new year, you can make APEX everything you want it to be!

Throughout the space there are buckets where you can add what you want APEX to be for you.

* Classes you want to see
* Events you would like to attend
* Changes to the Space
* Things you would like to try
* Anything APEX members can make happen!

Keep your eyes open at APEX for fun updates on our Kinky Bucket List items!