Arizona Master Slave Contest


Supporting diversity and excellence in our contestants, judges and staff. We want to show the Southwest the best of what Arizona has to offer!


The 2015 Schedule – Arizona Master slave Contest

Friday, September 25th at 7pm: Contestant social. Meet the contestants. Contestants will mingle and hope to identify their guest judge!

Saturday, September 26th at 10am: Interviews and Presentations for judges.

Saturday, September 26th at 5pm: Pop Questions during the APEX 27th Anniversary presentations. Winners are patched before dinner.

Silent auction opens at 5:00pm
6:00pm Opening Ceremony and Introductions
6:30pm Contestant Pop Questions

7:00pm Keynote Speech
8:00pm Anniversary Party Presentations
8:30pm Silent Auction Closes and Winners Announced

Sunday, September 28th at 12pm: Contestant celebratory BBQ and Open House at APEX.