Spring E.D.G.E. Groups at APEX


This spring is happening at APEX. We have eight (8) E.D.G.E. Groups with more on the horizon for summer and fall.

What is an E.D.G.E. Group?

Extended Development, Growth, & Education (E.D.G.E.). An E.D.G.E. group is made up of APEX members who all share a common interest in learning, teaching, and developing skills. This is a peer-to-peer learning environment that facilitates practice and sharing knowledge in a particular area.

What E.D.G.E. Groups are Happening at APEX

Second Sunday of the Month:  APEX E.D.G.E. – PETS

APEX E.D.G.E. on pets provides opportunity for all forms of pet play enthusiasts to get together and explore topics ranging from gear, headspace, training, practice, and more. This E.D.G.E. is open to all types of pets, handlers, and forms of pet play (pony play, puppy play, kitty play, etc). Furries are welcomed too!

Each month we will explore specific topics and provide time for training. Members can take on the role of a real or imaginary animal in character, including appropriate mannerisms and behaviors, and sometimes a partner will act as another animal, or may take the role of rider, trainer, owner, handler, or even breeding partner.

If this interests you, please join us for discussion, bringing your ideas and your abilities from sharing training techniques, specific skill sets, making gear, and come play! This is a peer-to-peer learning environment. For those who are brand new and are interested in watching, please feel free to pull up a chair. Many pets feed off a good audience. All APEX members are welcome to our EDGE group. Feel free to send any questions about our group to Samantha@arizonapowerexchange.org.

Second Thursday of the Month: APEX E.D.G.E. – MAKERS GROUP

This E.D.G.E. group is focused on fetish crafts: sewing, woodworking, leathercrafting, metalworking, electronics, chain mail, latex clothing, etc. If you do, or are interested in learning about, any sort of kinky crafting, then this is the group for you. We plan to have show-and-tell, design brainstorming sessions, and hands-on crafting demonstrations. Come to learn, teach and show off your work.

For this month’s topic and details, please keep an eye on the APEX Group on Fetlife.com.

For more information please contact Tim at Timinaz on Fetlife.com

Third Sunday of the Month: APEX E.D.G.E. – FLOGGERS

Floggers are one of the most commonly used implements for impact play. There are many amazing floggers who by developing their technical skill and their artistic style have set the standard for flogging.

The E.D.G.E. Floggers Group provides D/types, switches, and s/types opportunities to develop and improve flogging skills and styles, and to promote safety awareness and informed consent practices in a peer-to-peer setting. We will discuss topics such as flogger impact on the body, basic fundamentals, advanced skills such as Florentine flogging, rhythm, body mechanics, types of floggers, how personal backgrounds influence styles, and more. S/types are encouraged to attend in order to learn what is safe flogging play, and through informed consent, assist D/types in improving their skills. This education will serve to enhance participants’ skills and knowledge resulting in positive and more mutually rewarding experiences.

This E.D.G.E. Group will focus on learning and skill rather than play, so to promote a learning environment, there will be no nudity in this E.D.G.E. Group.

Fourth Tuesday of the Month: APEX E.D.G.E. – LEATHER CARE AND BOOT BLACKING

APEX E.D.G.E.: Leather Care and Boot Blacking: This group meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at APEX. This is a monthly hands-on workshop. Bring your leather items, boots, and personal leather care supplies you already own. Join us to get together with others and share your love of leather. Learn from others how to take care of your precious leather items to make them last longer. Don’t own leather or bootblacking supplies? Explore the different ways you can build a leather care kit and ask questions of those who have been doing this for a while. Each month we will explore specific topics ranging from leather care, boot care, shoe shining, leather repair, and refinishing old items.

For these reasons we’ve dedicated an EDGE group to it! Join us to learn what you want to learn in this peer-to-peer learning environment. For those who have a general interest, a topic will be presented each meeting for those who are interested. Everyone is welcome to our EDGE group. Feel free to send any questions about our group to Samantha@arizonapowerexchange.org.

Fourth Thursday of the Month: APEX E.D.G.E. – IMPACT PLAY

Impact Play: when one person strikes another for the gratification of both. It may be the broadest category of those types of things we like to do, and the possibilities are limited only by our desire and imagination. Impact play can be sensuous or sensational, cathartic or brutal and everywhere in between. Flogging, spanking, caning, whipping, and more can be classified as impact play.

For these reasons we’ve dedicated an EDGE group to it! Join us to learn what you *you* want to learn in this peer-to-peer learning environment. For those who have a general interest, a topic will be presented each meeting for those who are interested. Everyone is welcome to our EDGE group, but keep in mind there is no play at an EDGE group, so there may not be reason for bottoms to show up if they aren’t learning impact play. Feel free to send any questions about our group to Samantha@arizonapowerexchange.org.

Fourth Saturday of the Month: APEX E.D.G.E. – DRUM CIRCLE

Drumming has been integral part of tribal culture. Drums provide the basic rhythm to most music. A drum circle brings community together through rhythm. Drum circles allow people to express themselves in a fun safe environment. Drumming increases concentration and focus, helps develop communication skills and encourages people to listen and dance. We will explore hand drumming techniques for drums such as the Djembe, Sabar etc. Learn how to play bass, open tone and slap notes. Bring your own drums. We will have a few drums available if you have never played. This will be hands-on… literally.

About the Facilitator: Sir Minder-Binder is a Marine and military veteran experienced in boxing, wrestling and Tae Kwon Do. He facilitates APEX Dungeon Monitor (D M) training and is a certified martial arts practitioner. He is also an avid recreational artist and musician.

For more information about this E.D.G.E. Group, you can contact your facilitator SirMinder-Binder.

Fourth Sunday of the Month: APEX E.D.G.E. – BOUND TO TIE

Bound to Tie is dedicated to the nurturing of the rope community in order to teach and support the art of rope bondage, with safety as a priority within this realm of edge play. Our website is http://boundtotie.org/.

Our interest is rope bondage in all its forms . If you even have a mild curiosity please come join us, explore that curiosity and try it out. If you are experienced, come share your knowledge. We will point you toward educational resources within the community. We are here to educate and have fun doing it. Please accept our invitation to join us.

This group is open to all that would like to attend. Everyone’s abilities and preferences will be respected-regardless of gender. All levels of experience are welcome as this is a place to learn and share with our peers. Bring your own rope or we will have lots for use to borrow during the session. We encourage rope bottoms to join us so we have all types to practice and learn with and you have another place to experience being tied. Bottoms can be of any gender but please remember, this is a learning environment and EDGE group rules prohibit any type of play scene, so don’t come expecting that. Also keep in mind this isn’t a match-making operation, but we are happy to have tops and bottoms pair up to practice.

Contact Alien_Jim on Fetlife.com, or Jim@BoundToTie.org for more information.

Fifth Sunday of the Month: APEX E.D.G.E. – PHOTOGRAPHY

This E.D.G.E. Group is for those interested in exploring and developing their skills and techniques in a variety of associated photography disciplines. We will explore topics from photography basics to lighting to post production techniques.

We will begin with quarterly meetings. As we get a core group we will be better able to determine what directions we will explore to develop our skills and techniques. If there is an interest, this E.D.G.E. group could meet more often!

Educational groups will be open to all APEX members who would like to join. If you are interested in beginning an E.D.G.E. group, please e-mail Education@ArizonaPowerExchange.org
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