We’re heating things up in February


In preparation for the Annual Masked Fire Ball where we have some fun dressing up and having an outdoor space for some flashy fire play, we have lots of fun fire themed education and events to enjoy in February to get you ready!

Below is the hot schedule for February!

Fire play requires a high level of attention to detail, but it is worth it! Like all of our fire classes we will have a huge focus on fire safety, and show you all the tools you need to make it as safe as you want it to be!

Tuesday, February 2nd APEX 101: Fire Play: Learn about the basics of fire play, and learn specific techniques on Cupping, Fire wands, lit candles, flash cotton, fire fleshing, cell popping, and DIY fire wands! There will be a station with recommendations on where to get supplies, and how to accommodate your inner fire-bug! We will also cover the Dungeon rules on fire play so you can safely engage at APEX! There will be some more advanced demos for you to watch as well so you know what to expect!

Monday, February 8th, 2015 Fire Wands: Fire wands are often taught as an ‘easy’ introduction to fire play, but they are so versatile and a little creativity can make this toy an amazing addition to your fire play scene!
Come and see many of the ways Fire Wands can be used in your fire scene, and we’ll even teach you how to make your own fire wands in time for the Masked Fire Ball!

Monday, February 10th, 2016 APEX 202: Wax/Candle Play: This month’s topic will help you to understand the risks, safety, and technical skills for open flame wax play. We will have a safety meeting, and then we will let you and your partner practice and learn under the supervision of several coaches. If you’ve wanted to try this kind of play, this is your chance!

Monday February 15th, 2016 Fire Massage: A Hands-On class to teach you fire massage! Fire Massage is a great way to heat the skin and relax the muscles. A fire massage can be done prior to other kinds of fire play, before other kinds of massage, or as a stand-alone activity.
Several Instructors will be present to give you instruction and spot you while you practice this skill.

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016: APEX 303: FIRE FLOGGERS AND FIRE WHIPS :This month is on Fire! In preparation for the Masked Fire Ball we will do some 303 level education on Fire Floggers and Fire whips. There will be examples and education, as well as demonstration and practice for those of you who have your own equipment or are brave enough to try!

Monday February 27th, 2016 Fire Cups Come learn several hands-on techniques for fire cups so you can find the one that works best for you, and you will even get the opportunity to practice.
Please bring your test subject and if you have the supplies for these kinds of play, bring your own. It is always better to practice with what you will be using. We will have some fire cups available for your use, and a vendor will be on site selling fire cup sets.

About the APEX Masked Fire Ball:Fire-Ball-Final

Outdoor play space at APEX! That’s right folks, we are setting up rooms outside for your fire-play pleasure! While Fire-Play is allowed in the Dungeon, there are things we just cant do inside! Were planning some amazing fire performances!

The Masquerade: The best mask and costume get a full ride to the Bizarre Bazaar-including the party! Dress up and get hot! Bring your fire play toys….we are heating things up!

We have a lot of fire performers in the club. We’re going to set some space aside out back for a good old fashioned fire jam. Bring all that stuff we can’t do inside and let your fire-big fly!

There will also be some super cool fire scenes, so even if you don’t do it…it will provide some awesome fire porn!

This is a themed costume party, but everyone is welcome. Your regular Dungeon Party activities will be available inside the space.

While we will be providing BBQ and some yummy fondue, please bring a food item to share. A six-pack of soda would also be appreciated. Water and ice will be provided.


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