Volunteer Position Spotlight: Monday Night Logistics


The Monday Night Logistics Coordinator is quality control for our Members and Presenters. The Monday Night Logistics Coordinator has ultimate responsibility for the experience of both presenters and attendees for the APEX Monday Night Programs.

Reporting to the Education Chair via the Monday Night Coordinator, The Monday Night Logistics Coordinator is a successful APEX member who is willing to work within a team of people that are all working towards the success and inclusion of APEX members and presenter. The Monday Night Logistics Coordinator will participate in team meetings, team retreats, and team programming tasks, and is happy to be a vital part of the Education Committee.  The Monday Night Logistics Coordinator is willing to develop an understanding of the APEX policies around programming, and is willing to learn to use email, social media, and several internal platforms.  The Monday Night Logistics Coordinator will also be willing to learn the features and functions of the club, so that they may best execute the Monday Night Programs.

Specific duties include:

  • Gathering information from presenters so the space and the audience are as the presenter would like.
  • Making sure the space is set prior to the arrival of the Presenter or Attendees
  • Coordinating the break with the presenter so that evaluations can be handed out when the break is finished.
  • Working with the rest of the Monday Night team to make sure that the evening runs smoothly. That includes pitching in when necessary, and asking for help when you need it.
  • Opening/Closing the space on Monday nights-or delegating this duty.
  • Assuring the evaluations are scanned, sent to the presenter, Executives, Monday Night Coordinator, and Education Chair.
  • Making sure the evaluations are saved on the APEX Computer and with the particular Member’s file, if appropriate.
  • Addressing any space or environment concerns from the evaluations.
  • Making sure the presenter has everything they need: Tools, water, etc.
  • Assisting in all Monday activities where necessary to assure the success of the Monday Program.
  • Attend quarterly Education Committee Meetings.
  • Attend Executive Committee meetings when possible.
  • Attend Programming Meetings when called (typically quarterly), as plans often impact your role, and your opinion matters!
  • Printing the Presenters class/bio for the announcements.
  • Printing Monday announcements from Chairs.
  • Putting class/day/time/presenter on the Evaluations prior to handing out for the convenience of Membership (since evaluations don’t go out until the break, we will have a fairly accurate count before printing)
  • Handing out Evaluations after the break, and collecting them after the class.

There is a Training Manual for Monday Night Logistics as well as on the job training with the existing Monday Night Team. We promise every volunteer that you will not be left on your own until YOU are comfortable, and this is just as true for Monday Night Logistics. To start, you will work side-by-side with the existing Monday Night Logistics Coordinator. Once you feel comfortable, you can take over responsibility of that position with support from your Monday Night Team, the former Monday Night Logistics Coordinator, and the Executive Committee.

The Monday Night Logistics Coordinator should be:

  • A successful APEX Member
  • Comfortable using email
  • Available to be at APEX on Monday Nights (occasional absences are covered by the Monday Night Coordinator, or other people on the Education Team)
  • Willing to interact with presenters, members, and the public when necessary
  • Willing to learn all the pieces to run the space on a Monday
    For more information about this position, please email: Contact@ArizonaPowerExchange.org.