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We have several different categories and kinds of events. Click the below category for detailed descriptions.

Social Opportunities
Open to the Community


Monday’s: Every Monday Night we have some sort of Educational Event. Class, Demo, Panel Discussion, and even an occasional open house. Most of these are open only to APEX Members, but occasionally (about once per quarter) we have an event on a Monday as a community service that is open to everyone over 18.  These educational events are generally APEX Members or an occasional out of town presenter. If you are interested in presenting please email: Mondays@ArizonaPowerExchange.org

E.D.G.E. Groups:  Extended Development, Growth, & Education (E.D.G.E.). An E.D.G.E. group is made up of APEX members who all share a common interest in learning, teaching, and developing skills. This is a peer-to-peer learning environment that facilitates practice and sharing knowledge in a particular area.

Educational groups will be open to all APEX members who would like to join. If you are interested in beginning an E.D.G.E. group, please e-mail Education@ArizonaPowerExchange.org

Weekend Workshops/Intensive’s: Are generally out of town presenters who do a variety of classes throughout the weekend. Sometimes it is on a single subject,  sometimes it is seperate classes. These are all structured differently, and attention should be paid in particular to the schedule and pricing.  If you have a weekend workshop/intensive you would like to share with the APEX Membership please email: Education@ArizonaPowerExchange.org

Preparty Workshops: Preparty Workshops are designed to teach you some skills you can use tonight at the party! A fun and interactive environment where we can all sharpen our skills together! This is not a classroom environment-no lectures here! These are interactive and high energy sessions so you can get ready to party! You may attend the preparty workshop for an additional fee, but it is included in your party entrance fee. Like most programming it is free for All Access Members.

APEX 101: Skills: The APEX 101 series is an introduction to specific skills. Come learn the basics of these skills. These classes are for beginners, those new to a particular kind of play, or someone wanting a ‘sampling’ of the possibilities and intended to make you comfortable with the general premise of the chosen fetish. Keep your eyes open for the APEX 202 class on your favorite subjects!

The APEX 101 series is designed to be a fun and interactive environment. You will get an overview of the evening, and then you can spend your time learning about the things you are interested in! This is an opportunity to ask questions, see up close how things work and in some cases even try those things!
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APEX 202: Skills: Welcome to the next phase of your evolution. You may have taken the 101, or maybe you’ve watched other people do it, or maybe you’ve even tinkered a bit yourself.

The APEX 202’s: Practice, a variety of techniques, and a wider exposure will allow you to take your skills to the next level! The APEX 202 series is designed to be a fun and interactive environment. You will get an overview of the evening, and then you can spend your time doing the things you are interested in! This is also an opportunity to see many different ways to do what we do, and decide which one is right for you! This is an opportunity to ask questions, see up close how things work, and most importantly, PRACTICE!

It’s time to step up our game. The APEX 202 puts you in the driver’s seat. The APEX 202 will offer different variations of the skill, ranging from beginner to advanced, or when appropriate show you different ways that skill can be practiced. Then we split off into groups based on which way we want to learn, and you will get to practice the skill with someone to watch over your shoulder and to answer questions, so you can practice with confidence.
For this month’s topic and details, please keep an eye on the APEX Group on Fetlife.com.
For questions please email: Education@ArizonaPowerExchange.org
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APEX 303: Skills: Continue your Education with the APEX 303’s. The APEX 303 is designed to provide an advanced education on various topic. Everyone is welcome, but often the skills are advanced and some basic knowledge is required. Each event will call out what you will want to know or possess ahead of time. For questions please email: Education@ArizonaPowerExchange.org
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Social Opportunities

Saturday Night Dungeon Parties: Every Saturday night (with 5 exceptions) there is a pansexual party. That means anyone in membership is welcome. An opportunity to practice, participate, watch,  visit with your friends, or make new ones. There is always something to do, and always people to see! Our Saturday night parties are the cornerstone of the APEX social environment.  Watch the APEX Group on FetLife for the buzz about weekly parties, who is bringing what, and what our friends are planning!

Please bring a food item to share. A six-pack of soda would also be appreciated. Water and ice will be provided.

While we will remain open until 2am, the doors will close at 11pm so our Volunteers can enjoy the party as well. If you can’t get there before 11pm, please make special arrangements via email:Contact@ArizonaPowerExchange.org

Theme Parties: Occasionally, we will have a theme party on a Saturday Night. Please know that no one is ever required to participate in those themes, and your regular dungeon party activities are always available. Examples of this might be: The Fire Ball in February, the Wet-N-Messy party in June etc.

Fetish Parties: Occasionally there will be a Friday Night Party. These are usually restricted to a specific segment of membership. Example: Women’s Parties, Men’s Parties, Under 40 etc. You must fall into the particular segment to attend. These kinds of parties are never on Saturday Nights, Saturday nights are open to the entire membership.  If there is a Fetish Party you are interested in hosting, please email Social@ArizonaPowerExchange.org.

Alternative Play: These are smaller, more inmate occasions set on alternate days and times for those with a less traditional schedule. Often, there are projects or other events going on at the same time, so play may be limited to certain areas of the space.

Cocktails and Conversation, The Open House/BBQ, The APEX Munch, and Game Night are all Open to the Community and are listed under Community Relations.

Non-Play Social Events: Occasionally, we will have a movie night or some other kind of event. Please see the calendar for those occasions.


Special Interest Group (S.I.G.):  A Special Interest Group are members of the Community who share a common interest that come together to talk, share, and support one another. Keeping with the Arizona Power Exchange mission of support, APEX provides space to these discussion groups free of charge, and membership in the club is not required. If you are interested in any of these discussion groups, please check our calendar for the schedule. Anyone over 18 who shares an interest with the group may attend. If you are interested in faccillitating a S.I.G. that is not currently represented, please contact: For more information please email:Support@ArizonaPowerExchange.org
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Open to the Community

These Events are intended for adults over 18 years old, and will have adult content that may be offensive. Please do not attend these events if you are offended by adult subjects, nudity, and adult language.

APEX BBQ/Open House: A BBQ / Social opportunity to round out a great weekend! A relaxed environment to socialize and share your weekend with your friends. Orientations and Tours will be available. APEX provides hot dogs and water. Bring a share food and something to throw on the grill.  NO cost, but donations will be accepted.

Cocktails and Conversation: A fun social environment to meet up with your APEX friends, learn more about the club, and socialize in a less traditional ‘munch’ or ‘coffee’ environment.  Everyone in our Community is welcome. Please remember this is in a public mainstream venue so street legal clothing and venue-appropriate conduct is required.

APEX Game Night: Welcome to game night! A fun way to see each other with the lights on! When there are other activities going on, we will be in the front rooms. When there are not, we can spread out!
Cards, RPG’s, Cards Against Humanity, Zombie Dice, Apples to Apples, Killer Bunnies, Charades, Pictionary, or Chutes and Ladders! Bring your games and we’ll all play!
Bring a snack, we can even order pizza! Super casual and fun!  Orientation and Membership will be available.

APEX Munch: A public place to meet hosted by Runnerdan who will happily greet you and introduce you to others who have joined.
It’s a great place to meet up with friends, negotiate upcoming meetings, and announce events.

The setting is at a family restaurant which imposes street dress and will welcome you with great service. Please dress appropriately and be conscious of your surroundings.


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