July 8th Party: Important Notice about Parking


As you may have heard our parking lot is going to be resurfaced on July 8th, and we can’t drive on it until Sunday. So, the generous folks at the big white building to the South of us, have agreed to let us use their parking lot.

Walking on the pavement after 6 PM is allowed, and wheeled toy bags should be fine. We do have permission – for the night of July 8th only – to park around the building to the southeast of APEX (the area outlined in yellow on the map). Otherwise, you’ll need to park on the street (the purple shading).

If you are coming to the party and willing to help direct traffic that would be amazing! Email us at contact@arizonapowerexchange.org and we will put you on the schedule. There will be frozen treats for the volunteers who are out in the heat!

We will need help from 7:30pm-11pm when the doors close.

[Fetlife.com Party Event][https://fetlife.com/events/542414]