Urgent Charity Drive at APEX


Join APEX in an effort to support a number of children whose families are struggling this Holiday Season by donating a toy (or two, or three) or cash (which will be converted to toys and clothing).

Who these families are: All of these families are would-have-been recipients of a state charity who had their funding cut. They are all proactively working to better their situations, but they struggle to put food on the table, to get warm at night, and even a single gift at Christmas for these children is an unattainable dream. These families live near us, in our neighborhoods, their children attend school with our own children yet they are battling poverty on a daily basis. State budget issues leave this shortfall to us.

Your donations may be the only toys or clothes these children will receive this year. Please be generous! There are over 150 children who need our help. This is an ambitious goal, but we know what we can do when we come together!

Your donations will be hand-delivered to families before Christmas so the parents have time to wrap the gifts and be their children’s hero on Christmas morning. For those families who do not celebrate Christmas, their your donations will be passed along in a way that is consistent with their beliefs.

GoFundMe Link for those further away.

Here are some gift ideas:

  • Diapers, wipes, and baby supplies
  • Board games
  • Foot balls, soccer balls, basketballs, jump rope, shakeboard, scooters, bikes
  • Family photo albums, baby books, parenting books
  • Reading books, art supplies, journals, coloring books
  • Dolls, cars, dinosaurs
  • Legos, playdough, building blocks
  • Gift certificates for family outings of any type!
  • Winter jackets/coats

We will continue to post specific requests as they arrive, but let’s do this! If every member of the club brought just ONE thing, we would blow the doors off for these families!

There is a box in the front office at the club. For those with logistics issues, we will all pitch in and make it happen. If you drop off gift cards or cash, the front desk can help you with that.

To commemorate your donation for the holiday season, we will have cards you can fill out in the front office and we will proudly display your generosity as we all come together to make this holiday magical! For those of you donating to the GoFundMecampaign, we will include a donation card at the club in your honor.


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