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APEX has over 500 events each year that provide Education, Social Opportunities, and Support for our Membership.  We are a community of people who create this amazing place to grow, socialize, and learn.

Every way is the “right way” at APEX. Membership is exposed to a lot of opinions and different ways of doing things.  Take what you want and leave the rest. The only people you have to please are you and your partner(s).

Choosing to be a Member means you get to take your place in our rich and diverse history, and all of our contributions are what make APEX special.

Getting Involved is easy. Below are a few places to begin:

The APEX Calendar: Find events that match your interests
For Volunteers: Some information on how Volunteering works
The Volunteer Calendar: Shifts and Volunteer Opportunities Available
Volunteer Opportunities: In our APEX News section.
The Volunteer Nexus on Will often call out specific volunteer opportunties
APEX Member Forum

At APEX we believe in: 

Respect for One’s Self and Others: Individuals engaged in BDSM are valued members of society and deserve to be treated with respect regardless of the role assumed in that society.

Stewardship of the BDSM Lifestyle: The participation in community service, volunteerism, educational forums, and support and encouragement of personal growth.

Diversity: The respect of individual differences including the respect of all religious and political beliefs, nationalities, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations.

Personal and Communal Integrity: The individual freedom to make one’s own decisions and take one’s own actions, when doing so with honesty, personal responsibility, risk awareness, and consensuality.

Confidentiality: The right of each member to decide how much information about their own lifestyle, activities, and words shall be shared with any other individual.


Serving the BDSM community since 1988

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