Renewing Your APEX Membership

You can renew your APEX Membership at the door of any event if:
1. Your Membership has not been expired more than two (2) years
2. You are in our computer system

If both of those things are true, you just verify your information, sign the renewal agreement, pay for your membership, and you are good to go. The entire process takes just minutes.

Click here to see your Membership Choices and Prices for renewal.

NOTE: If you lost your plastic key tag, there is a $5.00 charge to replace it. If you just didn’t bring it, we can update your label the next time you’re in.

If you aren’t in our system:

If you aren’t in our system (instituted in 2012), you will need a new orientation and brand new initial paperwork.

The good news is that while you will have to go through orientation, for your trouble you will get to take advantage of the New Member Trial.

If your Membership has been expired more than two (2) years:

If your Membership has been expired more than 2 years, you will be encouraged to see the current video. Things have changed a great deal, and we strongly suggest you get up-to-date on the rules and etiquette of the club.

Your Renewal Choices

There several membership and pricing options for your APEX Membership.  Below are the different categories of memberships and their explanations.

Annual All Access Memberships

All Access Members do not pay door fees for any event. You come to whatever you like, whenever you like. You only need to check-in at the desk.

At Special Events All Access Members pay a reduced fee. Examples of Special Events are: The Summer Games, The Anniversary Party, Kink Karnival, Bizarre Bazaar, guest speakers, etc.

When there is a material fee for a class, our All Access Members will be responsible for that, but there will be no entry fee.

There are other special privileges afforded to our All Access Members throughout the year. All Access Members also have the ability to purchase a Guest Pass. Click here to skip to Guest Passes.

Our Annual All Access Members are the life blood of the club. We rely on these members to keep the doors open. The All Access Membership is $300.00 per year. It is discounted to $250.00 if paid all at once, or $25.00 each month as a recurring charge (via credit or debit card).

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Pay per Event Memberships

Pay per Event or A La Carte Members pay a smaller annual fee ($30), but pay the door fees for each event they attend. $6.00 for education classes, $10.00 for social events, $15.00 for a party.

Pay per Event/A La Carte Members do not have the ability to buy a Guest Pass.

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