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APEX Masked Fire Ball: February 18th, 2017


The fifth annual Masked Fire Ball once again brings us outdoor play space at APEX! While Fire-Play has been allowed in the Dungeon for the last several years, there are things we just cant do inside!

The Masquerade: The best mask and costume get a full ride to the Bizarre Bazaar-including the party! Dress up and get hot! Bring your fire play toys….we are heating things up!

We have a lot of fire performers in the club. We’re going to set some space aside out back for a good old fashioned fire jam. Bring all that stuff we can’t do inside and let your fire-big fly!

There will also be some super cool fire scenes, so even if you don’t do it…it will provide some awesome fire porn!

This is a themed costume party, but everyone is welcome. Your regular Dungeon Party activities will be available inside the space.

While we will be providing BBQ and some yummy fondue, please bring a food item to share. A six-pack of soda would also be appreciated. Water and ice will be provided.


Tell Your Friends You Are Going:

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$15 for Pay Per Event Members, FREE for All Access Members

While we will remain open until 2am, the doors will close at 11pm so our Volunteers can enjoy the party as well. If you can’t get there before 11pm, please make special arrangements via email:Contact@ArizonaPowerExchange.org

To Learn More about APEX Membership Please visit the website: http://www.arizonapowerexchange.org/membership

*Please note: You must be a member at least 24 hours PRIOR to this event to attend. No orientations will be done at this event.


Bak 2 Skool Saturday, September 3rd 7pm-9pm


Its that time again to iron your plaited skirt, polish up your patent leather Buster Browns . Get permission from your Parent(s) or if youre a free spirt give yourself permission to be a kid again. Join us for an evening of fun, frolic and Chaos!!! We will have classes and a wonderful faculty to assist you in learning subjects like Applied Physics, Old English, P.E. and Sex Ed to name a few. Head Master; Master Dennis will insure that you learn all that you can.

This is a night to give or get permission to act as a brat and have fun. Parents/guardians are allowed to observe from the loft. Make sure that if you have any restrictions that you inform Ms. Bonnie at registration. There is a kindergarten for those in true little space, a safe and secure area to color, hear stories or observe in wide eyed wonder. Have Fun and be on time – the Head Master has fun punishments for tardiness and infractions. See you there.

Your regular party activities will resume at 9pm.


You must be an APEX (or reciprocal) member in order to attend an APEX party. This is legal stuff, sorry all! You can learn more about being a Member of the Arizona Power Exchange on our Membership Page.

$15 (Includes party afterwards) for Pay Per Event Members, FREE for All Access Members.