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Gearing Up for the 2017 Arizona Master Slave Contest


The Arizona Master/slave Contest is a feeder contest for the Regional Southwest Master/slave Contest, held during Southwest Leather Conference in Phoenix, AZ in January each year. The Arizona Power Exchange is proud to support the Arizona Master Slave Contest!

About the Contest

This contest celebrates the Master/slave dynamic and is a positive outreach to the community at large in an effort to promote, educate and build upon healthy Master and slave relationships. The contest is for couples who self identify as Master and slave or Owner and property, regardless of age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Contestants must be at least 21 years of age and have been in a declared Master and slave or Owner and property relationship at least one year prior to the date of the contest.

The Arizona Master Slave Contest supports diversity and excellence in our contestants, judges and staff. We want to show the Southwest the best of what Arizona has to offer!

The Arizona Master Slave contest is about embracing our state in a way that represents our diversity, our uniqueness, and our amazing culture.

There are a lot of ways to contribute to the contest:

Visit The Arizona Master Slave Contest website for more information


Congratulations to our 2016 Arizona Master Slave Contest Winners


Congratulations to Master Dennis and Ms. Bonnie as our 2016 Arizona Master Slave Titleholders.  M_s-Featured-Image

This title contest is an exclusive feeder from Arizona into the Southwest Regional Master and slave Contest held in January, at the Southwest Leather Conference in Phoenix, AZ.  The Southwest title is one of five feeder titles that compete in the International Master and slave Contest held at South Plains LeatherFest in Dallas, TX.

We look forward to Master  Dennis and Ms. Bonnie in their title year! Please help us welcome your 2016 Arizona Master Slave titleholders.


The 2016 Arizona Master Slave Contest Judges, Tally Masters, and Assistant


To further support diversity in our community, we do our best to find all different flavors of judges, each bringing something unique to the judging panel. Below are our 2016 judges. We would like to take the opportunity to thank them for supporting the Arizona Master Slave Contest and the Master Slave Community in Arizona.

Our Head Judge for 2016: 


Cheryl identifies as a sexually fluid, slave-wired, Leather girl. She stumbled upon the BDSM community in an online forum, and for the first time knew she wasn’t a freak of nature. She ventured into the public scene in 2003, and has never looked back. The BDSM world opened new doors to exploration and authenticity that she never imagined existed. Her path is one of mindful service with a lot of ‘woo’ thrown in for good measure. Since the passing of her owner in late 2014, she has been learning how to navigate the kink world on her own again.

Cheryl is proud to have served as the Arizona slave 2014, past President of Arizona girls of Leather (AZgoL), and past Board member of Phoenix Area Lifestyle Society (PALS). She is also a member of Edgewalkers, Arizona Power Exchange (APEX), the Phoenix Chapter of MAsT, and Women in Leather International. She has served as a volunteer at SWLC and Behind Closed Doors in Tucson, and likes helping out with groups and events even when not officially volunteering.  She enjoys presenting on a variety of M/s topics, and will be presenting for the first time at an International event this fall. When the mood strikes, she can be found on her lifestyle blog at www.submissivecircle.com.

2016 Judging Panel


Judge: Master Tiffany entered the BDSM lifestyle in 1999. She started on the submissive side but quickly found her Dom side. She found her love of the Master/slave life at her first Butchmanns Experience in 2012 and has not looked back since. She currently enjoys two collard slaves who help make her life wonderful. She has been an active member of local BDSM & M/s community since 2001 and enjoys traveling the country to conferences to expand her knowledge of the BDSM & M/s lifestyle.



Lady JoL is a Sadistic Mistress who enjoys extreme play. Her motto is “It has to be done…” She’s been in the lifestyle 18 years and has learned some amazing things in the art of BDSM. Her favorite is extreme cbt. She has years of M/s experience and commands respect, protocol, obedience, submission and service. No disrespect, jealousy, lies, games or drama – period.

She is a founding member and Executive Mistress of ClubFEM Arizona, Phoenix chapter. She’s also a founding member and active in the Ladies from Hades. She is a member of APEX, MAsT, PALS and NCSF. She serves her lifestyle community in many ways.

In her vanilla world, she is a retired Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) with 25 years of legal experience. She’s twice divorced and enjoys her single life. She has five daughters and 8 grandchildren.

oblivionFather O’Blivion’s interest in the lifestyle started many years ago while growing up on the east coast, and continued once he moved to Michigan in the early 90’s and found like-minded souls on the bulletin board systems that existed in the days before the internet.

Since moving to Arizona in 2005, he has been a member of APEX, Phoenix MAsT and served as a Team Lead for Southwest Leather Conference. He has owned his slave sg_d since 2008 and enjoyed 24/7 owner-property status since 2011. He is a grumpy cantankerous SOB who enjoys bucking the system.

downloadAnd…stay tuned for our “Surprise” judge annnouced after the social on Friday. 




2016 Tally Masters

Tally Masters

Are responsible for recording scores, averaging scores and declaring a winner.

img_20150710_063413668Master Aki is a member of APEX and currently serves as the Director of MAsT: Phoenix. In her five years in the community she has been active in TNG and MAsT: _dsc0138_4x6Phoenix. She is the proud owner of slave Josh and Daddy to Junk.

slave Josh has been in the community for 16 years. He is currently a member of APEX, TNG, and MAsT: Phoenix. He proudly serves as the slave and pet of Master Aki.


Judges Assistant: Slavimg_0925e Samantha

Arizona Power Exchange (APEX) is her home dungeon and you will often find her there. she enjoys volunteering at APEX and attends almost every Saturday night party. She is currently an Officer at Large on the Executive Committee on her second two year term. She leads an E.D.G.E. on impact monthly and an E.D.G.E. on worship monthly. Samantha was the Judge’s assistant for Arizona M/s Contest in 2014, served as Butchmann’s Faculty and Instructor in 2015, volunteered with the Boys of Leather, participated on the Leather float committee with United Phoenix Leather Communities 2016, lead pet play parties, and is the founder of slave hearts of Arizona leading many slave heart talks within the community. She presents on slave and worship topics ranging from philosophical discussions to practical application.

She enjoys fire play, whips, blood play, and a range of impact play as well as photography.

About the Weekend:

Friday Night Master slave Contest social 7pm-9pm
*Note* The last orientation prior to the Anniversary Party is at 6pm.
The contestants will draw numbers and introduce themselves. We will have two hours to socialize and meet our contestants and judges.

Saturday Master Slave Contest Activities 10am
Presentations and Interviews.

Saturday Contest and Anniversary Presentations
5pm-6pm Social Hour
6pm-8:30pm Anniversary and Contest Presentations
9pm-10pm Dinner for Membership
10pm-2am Party


Arizona Master Slave Contest


Supporting diversity and excellence in our contestants, judges and staff. We want to show the Southwest the best of what Arizona has to offer!


The 2015 Schedule – Arizona Master slave Contest

Friday, September 25th at 7pm: Contestant social. Meet the contestants. Contestants will mingle and hope to identify their guest judge!

Saturday, September 26th at 10am: Interviews and Presentations for judges.

Saturday, September 26th at 5pm: Pop Questions during the APEX 27th Anniversary presentations. Winners are patched before dinner.

Silent auction opens at 5:00pm
6:00pm Opening Ceremony and Introductions
6:30pm Contestant Pop Questions

7:00pm Keynote Speech
8:00pm Anniversary Party Presentations
8:30pm Silent Auction Closes and Winners Announced

Sunday, September 28th at 12pm: Contestant celebratory BBQ and Open House at APEX.