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The 2016 Arizona Master Slave Contest: Sponsored by APEX


The 2016 Arizona Master slave Contest is approaching

This contest celebrates the Master/slave dynamic and is a positive outreach to the community at large in an effort to promote, educate and build upon healthy Master and slave relationships. The contest is for couples who self-identify as Master and slave or Owner and property, regardless of age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

The holders of the Arizona Master and slave title will be the Arizona State spokespersons for the Master and slave community through their title year. Title holders must have the ability to effectively communicate to the community what it means to live and identify as Master or slave.

This year we have two contestant pairs excited to represent Arizona. Read more about them below. For more information please visit the Arizona Master slave Contest Website: http://arizonamasterslave.com/

Our 2016 Contestants

Master Dennis and Ms Bonnie
We both strongly believe in the Master/slave dynamic and we are active in supporting our local community with our time, our energies and assisting others with their education. We believe that we have experiences that are both good and bad as a 24/7 Master/slave couple of 19 years and can help others in their understanding of Master/slave relationships. Education on many topics is our primary goal, sharing experiences from 2 perspectives with the opportunity to learn from others. Master Dennis and Ms Bonnie are members of the Arizona Power Exchange, staff at Butchmanns Experience, and both participate with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Darrell and Amanda
Are also members of the Arizona Power Exchange (APEX). Darrell and Amanda have been together for twelve (12) years, and are excited to educate about Master slave relationships and represent Arizona. Darrell and Amanda hail from Arizona City and bring a fresh perspective to our contest this year.

To view the Schedule for the 2016 Arizona Master slave Contest visit the Schedule Page.


A New E.D.G.E. Group at APEX: Floggers!


Another amazing E.D.G.E. Group is making it’s debut in August!

Floggers are one of the most commonly used implements for impact play. There are many amazing floggers who by developing their technical skill and their artistic style have set the standard for flogging.

The E.D.G.E. Floggers Group provides D/types, switches, and s/types opportunities to develop and improve flogging skills and styles, and to promote safety awareness and informed consent practices in a peer-to-peer setting. We will discuss topics such as flogger impact on the body, basic fundamentals, advanced skills such as Florentine flogging, rhythm, body mechanics, types of floggers, how personal backgrounds influence styles, and more. S/types are encouraged to attend in order to learn what is safe flogging play, and through informed consent, assist D/types in improving their skills. This education will serve to enhance participants’ skills and knowledge resulting in positive and more mutually rewarding experiences.

This E.D.G.E. Group will focus on learning and skill rather than play, so to promote a learning environment, there will be no nudity in this E.D.G.E. Group.

For more information about this E.D.G.E. Group, you can contact your facilitator LuxAmor on Fetlife.com or canongirl69@gmail.com

For this month’s topic and details, please keep an eye on the APEX Group on Fetlife.com.

E.D.G.E. Groups:
Extended Development, Growth, & Education (E.D.G.E.). An E.D.G.E. group is made up of APEX members who all share a common interest in learning, teaching, and developing skills. This is a peer-to-peer learning environment that facilitates practice and sharing knowledge in a particular area.

Educational groups will be open to all APEX members who would like to join. If you are interested in beginning an E.D.G.E. group, please e-mail Education@ArizonaPowerExchange.org
Copyright 2014-2016 The Arizona Power Exchange


2016 APEX Bizarre Bazaar!


The Bizarre Bazaar is fast approaching and we’ve got some amazing things in store!

2016 Bizarre Bazaar Facebook RSVP
2016 Bizarre Bazaar Fetlife.com RSVP

Don’t forget to check out the Bizarre Bazaar Website for the most up to date information, or to get your advanced tickets at the box office (presale tickets online close March 6th.) You can also get advanced tickets at the club until March 10th.

Some performances we have planned for the 2016 Bizarre Bazaar:

Sensual Whips!
A double needle zipper!
Full body casting!
A hook suspension!

APEX Cares about you!

We’re very excited to announce the participation of Native Health and NHW Community Health Center to provide HIV and Hepatitis C screening!

We’ve got some of our Community Represented as well!

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
Butchmanns Experience
Southwest Leather Conference

Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will be in the house to help us with the raffle!

We’ll also have concessions, so you can enjoy lunch without missing anything!

Confirmed Vendors for the 2016 Bizarre Bazaar: visit the Bizarre Bazaar webpage

Toys4Lust:Bondage furniture and leather goods

Master Yeti’s Toys: Custom paddles and furniture

Daddy’s Toy Box: Daddy’s Toy Box provides quality nylon whips and similar items – some of which you won’t find anywhere else. They currently offer premade and custom made para cord snake whips, bull whips, monkey fists, and cat o’nines. They also take custom orders for anything you see in stock but want of in a different color, length, pattern, etc.

Gespent’s Fantasy Gear; Platinum Silicone adult toys and more!

Off Chute Too: The largest men’s underwear store in the state, Off Chute Too offers trendy clothing lines for both men & women. We also have jewelry, greeting cards, calendars, pride items, leather, fun “toys”, dvd’s, books, t–shirts, shorts, fetish–wear, and much, much more!

Rusted Dragon Forge: Rusted Dragon Forge Kinky Blacksmith and Custom Metalwork, from Sharp and Shiny to Dark and Twisted

Firebird Leather: Wearables for the Bold as well as toys and accessories for adults of discriminating tastes. You can also find Firebird Leather on Facebook!

JjFunThings: Canes and dragontails and costumes

CheezyKrafts, LLC: A jack of all trades craftor and kinky toy maker with a special emphasis on unique bdsm leather items and restraints, sewing, custom knot work and weaving, and even bath products and custom glycerine soap. Some examples are unique rope monkey fists, fire floggers, leather locking blindfolds, conductive chain floggers, utility bondage belts, leather locking 1 size fits all beds/people bed restraint system, leather ball gags with interchangeable platinum silicone balls, home grown catnip toys, glow in the dark whip crackers, and so much more! All my products are handmade, hand dyed, and assembled by me, Cheeze. You can also find CheeyKrafts, LLC on Facebook.

Lovlies By Lois: Chain Maille Jewelery

Knives by Jefferson James: Knives

The Kink Factory: Custom Spanking Paddles Fox Tail Butt Plugs Unique Impact Toys Jeweled Butt Plugs Custom Orders

MB Leather: Floggers, Dragon Tails, etc.

Calamity Canes: Rattan canes of the finest quality.

CompassRose Creations: Exotic Hardwood Paddles and Sensation Toys

Inquisition Toys: Handmade leather bondage cuffs, dungeon furniture and knives

The Tactical Medic: We sell military gear and medical equipment. We have used our 20+ years of Military and Industry experience to select products and service for our customers at the lowest prices possible. We ONLY sell products that we ourselves would use (and in most cases have used) in the field.

Pocket Snakes: Creates custom, handcrafted whips and flogs using synthetic materials. Affordable, durable and easy to maintain, our designs range from something you can keep in a pants pocket to 30-foot attention grabbers that fit easily into a small backpack. We can also craft a fire whip or high-voltage bullwhips, etc.

Knotjokin Rope Floggers: Starving rope artist providing an utterly tantalizing lineup of innovative rope flogger designs fabricated with undeniable quality that are inexplicably capable of delivering a plethora of uniquely remarkable sensations while bathing in a dazzling spectrum of stunningly brilliant hues. Also, the handles fit in condoms. You can also find Knotjokin on Facebook!

**Marie Saint-Louis: Clairvoyant. Medium. Author.

Bizarre Bazaar Party

While the Bizarre Bazaar is open to the entire 18+ Community, the Party is only open to APEX Members. There are lots of orientation/membership opportunities before BB on our calendar. As always, the party will include great food and great company!

For the benefit of our membership, the space will stay open from 4pm-8pm so you don’t have to go all the way home!

2016 Bizarre Bazaar Facebook RSVP
2016 Bizarre Bazaar Fetlife.com RSVP


Attention Vendors and Performers…


BB-Featured-ImageThe Bizarre Bazaar is rapidly approaching, and we are working to get our vendors and performances finalized in the next 2 weeks.

If you’re a vendor and interested in vending at the APEX Bizarre Bazaar please visit the Vendor form.

If you have an edgy performance, you can visit the demonstration form. 

We’re looking forward to an amazing Bizarre Bazaar!

About the Bizarre Bazaar

If the Kink Karnival is a 101, the Bizarre Bazaar needs a PhD. Edgy and fun, the Bizarre Bazaar lets our spring fever out to play!

The Bizarre Bazaar is an amazing collection of Vendors, Demonstrations, Performances, and fun! Learn more about theArizona Power Exchange, The Valley’s Premier Source for BDSM education, social opportunities, and support. Learn about Lifestyle Organizations in our Valley, see demonstrations provided by our Members and Vendors, meet like-minded people, and see the largest collection of quality vendors assembled in Arizona.

Ticket Link

March 12th, 2016  10am-4pm

4006 S 23rd St., Suite 11, Phoenix, Arizona 85040


Weekend Intensive: Inviting the Muse with Catherine Gross February, 2017


Inviting the Muse with Catherine Gross, MCC
February 26th-27th, 2017

Muse Logo

Have you looked at protocols and how you structure your relationships?  Have you attended classes and explored the possibilities but you’re ready for a fresh take?

Come spend a weekend evoking creativity, design and the unexpected. We’re going to approach M/s and D/s from an out of the box perspective. Create answers and questions communally and individually. Expect learning to be like play!

Don’t expect this seminar to look like anything else you’ve done before.

·  Find your motivation · Ÿ  Find self-created relationship possibilities Ÿ  ·  polyamory, non-monogomy, and monogamy are respectfully included · Ÿ maintain and sustain your relationships

This seminar is for people of all levels of experience and persuasions. Tops, bottoms, kinky folks, Masters, slaves, submissives, etc. If you’re interested in D/s or M/s this is for you.

Saturday – 10am to 6pm
Sunday – 10am to 1pm.

Cost $45.00 per person for APEX Annual All Access Members, $65.00 per person for other Memberships. For more information about membership please visit Our Membership Page A catered lunch is included.  Materials will be provided.

Expect a well-organized delivery that gets results for your life.  Expect a unique experience.

Move your world forward without experiencing a lecture based education event!

Visit BDSMClasses for more information.

Limited seating available so reserve your tickets early! You can get your tickets at the door of any APEX event or buy online at http://apex.ticketleap.com/invitingthemuse/

About Catherine Gross, MCC
PastedGraphic-3-(4)25+ years of educating on D/s and M/s relationships. She is a Master Certified Coach, Board Certified Coach and holds multiple other niche certifications. She is the recipient of Black Rose’s Vaughn Keith National Educator Award 2002 and Pantheon of Leather Southeast Community Service Award 2006.




Special Thanks to Project Hard Hat!


Project Hard Hat has donated latex/ non latex condoms and female condoms to the Arizona Power Exchange! We want to thank them for caring about APEX and it’s membership.

Project Hard Hat promotes the practice of safer sex in an effort to prevent STD’s / STI’s primarily HIV among sexually active adults.

Don’t forget to visit Project Hard Hat on Facebook and say “Thank you”!



Masked Fire Ball: February 27, 2016


The APEX Masked Fire Ball

Friday, February 27, 2016

The 5th Annual APEX Masked Fire Ball

Outdoor Fire-play space at APEX so we can do all of those things we can’t do inside!

Time to break out your fire whips, fire floggers, poi, staffs, and fans! We have a number of fire performers at APEX and we will have a good old fashioned fire jam outside.

We will have some fire-themed food (including chocolate fondue!), as well as some BBQ.

Keep your eyes on the APEX webpage for the latest details!

You must be an APEX (or reciprocal) member in order to attend an APEX party. This is legal stuff, sorry all! You can learn more about being a Member of the Arizona Power Exchange on our Membership Page.

$15 for Pay Per Event Members, FREE for All Access Members

While we will remain open until 2am, the doors will close at 11pm so our Volunteers can enjoy the party as well. If you can’t get there before 11pm, please make special arrangements via email: Contact@ArizonaPowerExchange.org


View the event on the APEX Calendar or on APEX Group on Fetlife.com or the APEX Facebook Page.



APEX New Year’s Eve Party


Celebrate 2015 at APEX with all your kinky friends!

We will roll the 2015 slideshow, and you can relive the fantastic moments of 2015.

Celebrate your heritage and bring your favorite New Year’s dish. We all have traditions, let’s bring them all together and celebrate the diversity that makes us so amazing!

Countdown at midnight with some Sparkling Cider!

You must be an APEX (or reciprocal) member in order to attend an APEX party. This is legal stuff, sorry all! You can learn more about being a Member of the Arizona Power Exchange on our Membership Page.

$15 for Pay Per Event Members, FREE for All Access Members

While we will remain open until 2am, the doors will close at 11pm so our Volunteers can enjoy the party as well. If you can’t get there before 11pm, please make special arrangements via email: Contact@ArizonaPowerExchange.org


View the event on the APEX Calendar or on Fetlife.com


How To Dress


We get a lot of email asking us how to dress for various things. We’re going to try to give you some answers to make you feel more comfortable when coming to APEX.

Let’s start by saying APEX does not have a dress code. There are sometimes theme parties that encourage dressing to the theme, but lots of people aren’t into that, don’t do it, and it is perfectly OK! You get to be who you want to be at APEX.

The short answer is that you will see EVERYTHING at APEX. You will see over the top amazing fetish wear to very, very casual. We know that sounds like we are capitulating, so we will break this down by the kind of event you may be curious about.

Weekday Evening Classes and Events

Often people come from work, so you will see folks in business casual to suit and tie. If people have time to go home and change they often show up very casual since in some cases they will be in a chair for a lot of their evening. Sometimes people do dress up in fetish wear for classes, you wouldn’t be out of place doing that.

Friday and Saturday Evenings

People are much more likely to ‘dress up’ for a party or social event on a weekend. It is their opportunity to wear what makes them feel great. Sometimes it is fetish wear, sometimes a particular fabric (leather, rubber, latex etc) or sometimes it is cocktail or formal attire. Where what makes you feel confident! There will always be people in the club in jeans and tshirts, or shorts and flip flips…even on at Saturday Night-it’s still Arizona!

Weekend Days

Our weekend day events tend to be VERY casual. If ever there was a time to break out with the flip flops, events like the BBQ are it!



Guest Policy


We are often asked why members can’t bring guests to the club. There are a few reasons, but let’s start with the guest policy.

Guest Passes

Guest Passes are purchased annually by All Access Members for $300.00, and gives you the ability to bring a guest to APEX events. The orientation requirement remains (24 hours prior to a play party), and some additional rules apply to guests:

  • Orientation

  • They must sign a waiver/release

  • They must bring photo ID EACH TIME they attend

  • They must come with and leave with the member

  • The member is responsible for their behavior.

When you put it like that it does sound pretty difficult. However, we talked to a lot of membership and thought about this REALLY hard before deciding. Here is the cliff notes version about some of our reasons:

1. APEX is a private membership club. It defies the spirit of who and what we are if strangers are wandering in and out of the club without a significant barrier to entry.

2. Annual All Access Members have a vested interest in keeping the space safe, following our rules, and preserving our culture. An Annual Member putting their membership on the line for a guest is a significant risk so they are going to be sure about who they are bringing.

3. With the $20.00 New Member Trial, people who want to “try out” the club can do so while still preserving who and what we are, and making sure they understand the rules and culture BEFORE they begin to attend without putting anyone else at risk for their behavior.

We hope that helps you understand why we do what we do, and we hope that you now see some wisdom in that choice. We value the club and every member in it, and we work hard at keeping everyone safe!