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Anniversary Party Keynote Speaker: Master Cecil


anniversary-featuredAs the weekend approaches, we want to give a shout out to our amazing keynote speaker who has come all the way from Orlando to spend our anniversary with us.


About Master Cecil:

Master Cecil has been involved in the lifestyle for about 30 years. At 18 years old he was picked up by a submissive and shown that a flogger, properly applied, is a VERY good thing.  Since 2008 he has been living his dream as the lucky owner of, and lead volunteer of The Woodshed in Orlando.

Master Cecil became part of the public community when he attended the 2nd ever Orlando Munch in 1993.

Since December of 2006 he has been joined on his life path by his wonderful submissive, helpmate, and the real brains of the operation, his lovely Darcy. She has supported him and has made his dreams her own for the betterment of the community at large, and particularly Central Florida.

For several years, he owned a company called Dungeon Designs Inc. and ran the circuit of Leather conventions throughout the southeast United States as a vendor and sometime speaker.

The Woodshed is a dream that originated in the mid 90s after his first public play party that was held in a townhouse of about 800 square feet with at least 40 people packed into it.  It was easy for him to ascertain that Orlando was in dire need of a safe place to play.  His dedication to SM education was the other driving force in his desire to open an SM community center, providing the community with a safe place to learn. Thus the dream of The Woodshed gelled in his mind and was refined by conversations with many people over the years and finally became a reality in January of 2008.

He has presented on the local, regional and national level and is now serving the Central Florida community as the owner of The Woodshed.  He also works to make himself available to groups, munches and TNG gatherings throughout Central Florida and to conventions all over the Americas.

About the Weekend:

Friday Night Master slave Contest social 7pm-9pm
*Note* The last orientation prior to the Anniversary Party is at 6pm.
The contestants will draw numbers and introduce themselves. We will have two  hours to socialize and meet our contestants and judges.

Saturday Master Slave Contest Activities 10am
Presentations and Interviews.

Saturday Contest and Aniversary Presentations
5pm-6pm Social Hour
6pm-8:30pm Anniversary and Contest Presentations
9pm-10pm Dinner for Membership
10pm-2am Party!