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A New E.D.G.E. Group at APEX: Floggers!


Another amazing E.D.G.E. Group is making it’s debut in August!

Floggers are one of the most commonly used implements for impact play. There are many amazing floggers who by developing their technical skill and their artistic style have set the standard for flogging.

The E.D.G.E. Floggers Group provides D/types, switches, and s/types opportunities to develop and improve flogging skills and styles, and to promote safety awareness and informed consent practices in a peer-to-peer setting. We will discuss topics such as flogger impact on the body, basic fundamentals, advanced skills such as Florentine flogging, rhythm, body mechanics, types of floggers, how personal backgrounds influence styles, and more. S/types are encouraged to attend in order to learn what is safe flogging play, and through informed consent, assist D/types in improving their skills. This education will serve to enhance participants’ skills and knowledge resulting in positive and more mutually rewarding experiences.

This E.D.G.E. Group will focus on learning and skill rather than play, so to promote a learning environment, there will be no nudity in this E.D.G.E. Group.

For more information about this E.D.G.E. Group, you can contact your facilitator LuxAmor on Fetlife.com or canongirl69@gmail.com

For this month’s topic and details, please keep an eye on the APEX Group on Fetlife.com.

E.D.G.E. Groups:
Extended Development, Growth, & Education (E.D.G.E.). An E.D.G.E. group is made up of APEX members who all share a common interest in learning, teaching, and developing skills. This is a peer-to-peer learning environment that facilitates practice and sharing knowledge in a particular area.

Educational groups will be open to all APEX members who would like to join. If you are interested in beginning an E.D.G.E. group, please e-mail Education@ArizonaPowerExchange.org
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