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APEX 2016 Bizarre Bazaar and Community Open House


The Bizarre Bazaar is in just two days!

2016 Bizarre Bazaar Facebook RSVP
2016 Bizarre Bazaar Fetlife.com RSVP

Don’t forget to check out the Bizarre Bazaar Website for the most up to date information, or to get your advanced tickets at the box office (presale tickets online close March 6th.) You can also get advanced tickets at the club until March 10th.

Some performances we have planned for the 2016 Bizarre Bazaar:

Sensual Whips!
A double needle zipper!
Full body casting!
A hook suspension!

APEX Cares about you!HIV-Services-IMAGE_0-300x125




We’re very excited to announce the participation of Native Health and NHW Community Health Center to provide HIV and Hepatitis C screening!

We’ve got some of our Community Represented as well!


National Coalition for Sexual Freedom


Butchmanns Experience

SWLC-2017Southwest Leather Conference







Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will be in the house to help us with the raffle!

We’ll also have concessions, so you can enjoy lunch without missing anything!

Confirmed Vendors for the 2016 Bizarre Bazaar: visit the Bizarre Bazaar webpage

Toys4Lust:Bondage furniture and leather goods

Master Yeti’s Toys: Custom paddles and furniture

Daddy’s Toy Box: Daddy’s Toy Box provides quality nylon whips and similar items – some of which you won’t find anywhere else. They currently offer premade and custom made para cord snake whips, bull whips, monkey fists, and cat o’nines. They also take custom orders for anything you see in stock but want of in a different color, length, pattern, etc.

Gespent’s Fantasy Gear; Platinum Silicone adult toys and more!

Off Chute Too: The largest men’s underwear store in the state, Off Chute Too offers trendy clothing lines for both men & women. We also have jewelry, greeting cards, calendars, pride items, leather, fun “toys”, dvd’s, books, t–shirts, shorts, fetish–wear, and much, much more!

Rusted Dragon Forge: Rusted Dragon Forge Kinky Blacksmith and Custom Metalwork, from Sharp and Shiny to Dark and Twisted

Firebird Leather: Wearables for the Bold as well as toys and accessories for adults of discriminating tastes. You can also find Firebird Leather on Facebook!

JjFunThings: Canes and dragontails and costumes

CheezyKrafts, LLC: A jack of all trades craftor and kinky toy maker with a special emphasis on unique bdsm leather items and restraints, sewing, custom knot work and weaving, and even bath products and custom glycerine soap. Some examples are unique rope monkey fists, fire floggers, leather locking blindfolds, conductive chain floggers, utility bondage belts, leather locking 1 size fits all beds/people bed restraint system, leather ball gags with interchangeable platinum silicone balls, home grown catnip toys, glow in the dark whip crackers, and so much more! All my products are handmade, hand dyed, and assembled by me, Cheeze. You can also find CheeyKrafts, LLC on Facebook.

Lovlies By Lois: Chain Maille Jewelery

Knives by Jefferson James: Knives

The Kink Factory: Custom Spanking Paddles Fox Tail Butt Plugs Unique Impact Toys Jeweled Butt Plugs Custom Orders

MB Leather: Floggers, Dragon Tails, etc.

Calamity Canes: Rattan canes of the finest quality.

CompassRose Creations: Exotic Hardwood Paddles and Sensation Toys

Inquisition Toys: Handmade leather bondage cuffs, dungeon furniture and knives

The Tactical Medic: We sell military gear and medical equipment. We have used our 20+ years of Military and Industry experience to select products and service for our customers at the lowest prices possible. We ONLY sell products that we ourselves would use (and in most cases have used) in the field.

Pocket Snakes: Creates custom, handcrafted whips and flogs using synthetic materials. Affordable, durable and easy to maintain, our designs range from something you can keep in a pants pocket to 30-foot attention grabbers that fit easily into a small backpack. We can also craft a fire whip or high-voltage bullwhips, etc.

Knotjokin Rope Floggers: Starving rope artist providing an utterly tantalizing lineup of innovative rope flogger designs fabricated with undeniable quality that are inexplicably capable of delivering a plethora of uniquely remarkable sensations while bathing in a dazzling spectrum of stunningly brilliant hues. Also, the handles fit in condoms. You can also find Knotjokin on Facebook!

**Marie Saint-Louis: Clairvoyant. Medium. Author.

Roger Patterson Whips: Singletail whips and twitchers.

Bizarre Bazaar Party

While the Bizarre Bazaar is open to the entire 18+ Community, the Party is only open to APEX Members. There are lots of orientation/membership opportunities before BB on our calendar. As always, the party will include great food and great company!

For the benefit of our membership, the space will stay open from 4pm-8pm so you don’t have to go all the way home!

2016 Bizarre Bazaar Facebook RSVP
2016 Bizarre Bazaar Fetlife.com RSVP