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Find Your Fetish


Ring in the New Year with an exploration of Fetish and Kink! Kink comes in all shapes and sizes and there is a long list of activities and interests. An event where you can explore, ask questions, and meet like-minded people in a safe environment.

So, how do you find out what exists? What happens when you don’t know what your kinks are? Not to worry, this evening will be full of kinks from the common to the obscure. You don’t have to know what you like yet, and this could be your opportunity to find that kinky little thing you’ve been missing. Conversations will be happening about kink, consent, and it is all about YOU!

We will have a dozen different stations with lots of variation. You will get to see and ask questions of lots of kinky folks, and learn about the Arizona Power Exchange, the Valley’s Premier Source for BDSM education, social opportunities, and support.

Announcing two special guests!  IGNITE and NCSFignite_logosm1

IGNITE is Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS’ outreach project to encourage and support the sexual health of gay men and the gay community in Phoenix. You’ll find IGNITE’s diverse group of community leaders interacting with people throughout Phoenix’s gay community, distributing safer sex materials, volunteering at free HIV testing events and talking openly about safer sex, HIV and STDs. The project’s goal is to normalize the conversation and eliminate the stigma around safer sex and HIV.

We are proud to have IGNITE in the building to build upon their Fetish Finder Community Chat Groups


About the FETISH FINDER CHAT GROUP: If you’ve been looking to explore your kink side, Fetish Finders invites people with all levels of interest and experience with fetish/kink to discuss the unexplored in an environment filled with excitement, safety and few restraints…well, maybe a few restraints.

Thanks to IGNITE for their participation in our Find Your Fetish evening!

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF)

NCSFLogo_CLEAN_PMS711-300x117NCSF advances the rights and advocates for consenting adults in the SM-Leather-Fetish, swing, and polyamory communities. We pursue our vision through direct services, education, advocacy, and outreach in conjunction with our partner organizations to directly benefit these communities.

NCSF also partners with the Arizona Power Exchange for Consent Month, and is a valuable resource for the entire alternative lifestyle community.

Orientations will be available at 6:30pm and 8:00pm for those who would like to join, and a full night of kinky fun for everyone!

OPEN TO THE ENTIRE 18+ Community* Please bring your government issued photo ID, and you will need to sign a release.


You must present valid government issued ID (to verify age) and sign a release.


From the NCSF: Results of the Mental & Emotional Health Study


Results of the Mental & Emotional Health Study
December 1, 2015

University of Alabama and University of Central Florida researchers surveyed over 800 kinky people recruited by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and found they were mentally and emotionally healthy.

“I was curious about the stereotypes from a mental health standpoint and we found that these kinky people are well functioning, with little mental health concerns,” says Tess M. Gemberling, M.A., Co-Principal Investigator, University of Alabama. “They also have healthy romantic relationships.”

The study, “Psychological Functioning and Violence Victimization and Perpetration in BDSM Practitioners from the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom,” also investigated people’s preferences for BDSM activities and fantasies, and explored whether violence is perpetuated against kinky people. It joins a growing body of research that refutes the stereotype that people who are kinky are inherently dangerous to themselves and others, which is at the root of the discrimination and persecution that kinky people experience.

“I wanted to explore more about how the stereotypes interface with reality,” says Matt R. Nobles, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator, University of Central Florida. “Although more than half of the people in this study have been victims of violence or aggression, extremely few had perpetrated such themselves.”

In the study, 7.7% of participants reported they had been victims of a BDSM-based hate crime, while 10.2% of participants reported they had been victims of an LGBT-based hate crime.

“Parallel to my work with sexual minorities, my interest is in looking at the nature of identity and mental health in a vulnerable group of people,” says Robert J. Cramer, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator, University of Alabama. “Contrary to popular perceptions, our study shows kinky persons are largely mentally healthy when it comes to conditions such as depression, anxiety and suicide.”

The study also confirms that for these kinksters it’s primarily about consensual power exchange, with 98% preferring to take a specific power exchange role during BDSM. The most commonly reported practices were spanking, slapping and biting, and the use of sexual toys and equipment.

“Lawmakers can help by legally recognizing informed consent as the basis of healthy BDSM behavior,” says Susan Wright, spokesperson for NCSF. “BDSM is intended to be a mutually beneficial experience that is done by consenting adults.”


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