APEX staff is entirely Volunteer Based. No one collects a salary, and every penny APEX makes goes right back to the club.

Our Organization is structured into the following Chair Positions:

  • Education
  • Social Opportunities
  • Support
  • Internal Supper
  • Community Relations

Each one of these chair positions has a number of coordinators and other volunteers. Whatever skill set you possess, APEX has a place for you!

2018 Is a Great Year For Volunteers!

We’ve introduced a great deal of new training, and lots of ways for you to take ownership of your experience at APEX:

Attend a Volunteer Orientation which will include the Quarterly training schedule, and an introduction to our volunteer culture and the amazing opportunities available for Volunteers!


3 thoughts on “Volunteers”

  1. Hello I would like to volunteer for front desk and dungeon monitor. I would also like to volunteer to help in any way We can in the moving process

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